Rescheduling Our Wedding During a Global Pandemic

Tales of a Coronabride 

2020 has been a rollercoaster of emotions. For Andy and I, it was supposed to be an amazing year filled with love, spending time with family and friends celebrating the next stage of our relationship. The year has still brought us love and laughter, but it’s looked a little different than we originally thought.

As you all know, we were supposed to have our wedding on 4/4/2020. Look at those beautiful even numbers! *sigh* It was a good looking wedding date. (No, the choice wasn’t weed-related)

Midway through March, we were on track still to have everything happen as originally planned, though we were watching a growing Global Pandemic happening in the world around us. 

We went to our final walk-through with the venue on March 15th and we were ready to go! Later that day, the CDC announced new guidelines that advised no gatherings of more than 10 people. Everything went downhill from there. 

Two days later, we decided that it was best to postpone. 

I was heartbroken. Two years of working my ass off and planning to make this day happen seemed to all be a waste at this point. 

This was the hardest decision to make. Was it the right decision, yes, of course, it was, but the feeling of having to call off your own wedding is like a punch in the gut.

I cried. A LOT.

I drank a lot of wine.

And we figured it out.

Back in March, we were naive enough to think that pushing our date out to September would be a safe bet.

Here we are, 4 weeks out, again, and things are certainly not looking like what we had hoped for looking at this date back in March.

Things I am thankful for


Andy and I have the best family support system anyone could ask for. I am so thankful for not only my immediate family for helping me through all of this but also all sides of Andy’s family as well. We’ve been together for over 11 years at this point so his family is already my family, officially or not.

Everyone has been there to offer help and support through this entire thing and I am endlessly grateful for each and every person.

There are some key family members that won’t be able to join us on our new date. It really won’t be the same without them but we are coming up with ways to incorporate everyone the best we can. We love you all so much.

Hello There


At the time when we made this decision, we really couldn’t see anyone but our friends came through in different ways. Thanks to anyone that just let me vent through this process. So many people have checked in on us or have made thoughtful gestures that have kept me sane.

I appreciate you!

Can I also just shout out my girl gang? Near and far, my ladies have shown up with love and support. <3

Amazing Wedding Vendors

When choosing our wedding vendors, we went off of recommendations and gut feeling and WOW has it paid off. There have been a few outstanding people that have really gone above and beyond during this process.

Lora Wardman

Round of applause for our wedding planner, Lora Wardman, for keeping me calm and handling moving our wedding day like a BOSS.
She helped us pick a new date and rescheduled things with all of our vendors within hours of making the choice to postpone.

Making the decision to reschedule was HARD but Lora made the actual rescheduling process super easy. I can’t thank her enough.

Kartsie Photography

Kaila and JP are the sweetest couple and they have treated us like we’re all BFFs from our first interactions.
Kaila has been there for me when I needed to vent or ask for advice. She’s been so much more than just our photographer. I really hope we can remain friends, even after our wedding is over.

When we changed our date, I knew we needed to make sure they were available. We can’t wait to hang out again in a few weeks and see our day through your creative vision. We’ll cherish the photos you’ve taken for us for the rest of our lives. <3


I mean, who didn’t drink a little too much during quarantine?

Most Importantly: My Future HUSBAND!!

Andy has been my rock through everything. He is an amazing partner and best friend. Although our wedding has been delayed, our bond is stronger than ever. I can’t wait to become Mrs. Andrew Hiotis <3 <3


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