Step Challenge With Friends

At the end of July, I started a weekly step challenge with some friends for fun to help keep me motivated and I’m happy to say that it’s really taken off!

The group has grown from 7 people in week 1 to 10 people in week 2.

Week 3 grew so much we had to split it into 2 groups. 14 people!

Going into week 4 at the time of this post we are at 19 people!

The Challenge: 

Walk/Run the most in 7 days using the Stridekick app to track your progress and see where you stand on the leaderboard.

I’m keeping it simple so anyone can participate.

These groups have been going ALL IN.

Results from week 1 & 2

Week 1

Week 2

Results are shown steps

~2,000 steps = 1 mile

Anibal won week 1 with 47 miles completed in 7 days 😮

Najia won week 2 with 41.8 miles completed 👏

The best part about this is how competitive everyone has been. You could be winning one day and in 5th the next. 


Week 3 – Go-Go Gadget Legs

Week 3 – Let’s Get Physical

Week 3 got split into two groups because we gained more participants.

Angela won week 3 in group Go-Go Gadget Legs with 38.8 miles completed in 7 days

Najia won week 3 in group Let’s Get Physical with 38.3 miles completed

It’s interesting that the top performers in each group were very close in total steps. 



Interested in joining us?

Download the Stridekick app

Connect your device

Add me as a friend: gingerrsnapss

Accepted Step Tracking Devices



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