Wedding Weekend Recap

First, can I just say THANK YOU to everyone that was a part of our special day, whether at the actual wedding or on Zoom. We love you all and we felt so special being surrounded by the people that mean the most to us. We know we asked a lot from all of you and hard decisions needed to be made by some.

We just want you to know how much we appreciate all of you. Attending a wedding in a global pandemic is not something we really wanted to ask anyone to do but we’re thankful that everyone hung in there with us while we said “I do” (Or “hell yeah” in the case of Andy, haha).

Wedding photo
Okayy, on with the show. There is a lot to cover.

This is a recap of how things went from my perspective. I’d love to hear about things that you think I missed or anything that happened while I was busy shmoozing or just intoxicated.

The week leading up to our wedding weekend was a little stressful, as I’m sure it is for most brides. I was dealing with the venue being unorganized, asking us to get COVID waivers back from everyone, and watching the weather on like 3 to 4 different apps/websites.

Originally, we didn’t book a tent for our wedding because it was in April and it generally doesn’t rain too much in April. Well… when we had to reschedule our wedding for September that’s one of the things we didn’t think about and frankly just didn’t budget for. So I was freaking out a little. It all worked out in the end and we got the tent added last minute with some help from my parents and our kick-ass wedding coordinator, Lora. (I’ll be singing her praises in another post about all of our vendors.)

You can also read more about our adventures in planning our wedding here: Wedding Planning During Covid-19


I spent the day on Thursday getting my nails done with Jason at The Polish Room and later I got my lash extensions filled at Flirty Girl Lash Studio. These are normal monthly services for me but it was nice to spend some time relaxing before things got crazy. I’ll be writing another post all about my wedding beauty services, products, etc., leading up to and the day of.

Jill and Travis arrived later in the day on Thursday with little Hendrix (the wiener dog) to start the party! They stayed with us on Thursday and graciously made us dinner. The distraction of having my bestie at the house was good for my soul and sanity.

We hung around the house and played some weird drawing game where we had to draw on our phone but it connected to the TV somehow? Super fun but I have no idea how that worked.


Friday morning was rehearsal! Where we connected with everyone in the bridal party. Everything went smoothly there but it was nice to get together and see all our close friends in one place.

From there we went to Bagel Bruno with Jill, Travis, Sharon, Nick, and little baby Juliette. I stared at everyone eating and drank some sparkling water because I try to not to eat gluten most of the time.

By the time we got back to the house, I was SO PUMPED. I literally hyped myself up to the point where I was definitely freaking out a little bit. I couldn’t tell if it was nerves or just excitement but looking back on it I was definitely just so exciting that it was all finally happening.

I had a White Claw to balance me out, Andy and I packed up the car, and we checked into our massive suite at the Embassy Suites downtown. This would be the party location for the rest of the weekend.

Friday night, the Embassy Suites hosted our rehearsal dinner with a taco bar. Here we united with some more family members, our wedding party, and their significant others. The hotel bar has an open bar happy hour from 5:30-7:30 every day for guests staying there so we took turns using room keys to get free drinks.

The party continued in our room after and we probably stayed up too late but it was worth it. I’ll take all of the quality time I can get with our friends and family <3

Andy went home Friday night so we didn’t see each other before the wedding the next day. I called him just to say goodnight and he wrote his vows to bring to the hotel in the morning.

Wedding Day!!

When I woke up Saturday morning I took a shower and went downstairs to have breakfast with my parents, Heather and Natalie. I can’t tell you how many people told me to eat a big breakfast on the day of the wedding so that’s exactly what I did.

After breakfast, I picked up Andy’s vows from the front desk, which he had dropped off super early that morning before going to play golf so that I could read them to start the day.

Side note: We decided to write our vows like love notes and exchange them and read them on our own to start our wedding day instead of reading them to each other or reading them in front of people. That was my request and I’m happy we did it that way.

Hair and makeup took up the rest of the day until we needed to be at the venue. We had snacks and prosecco while all 10 of us went through the glam process at Mosaic Hair Studio. Everyone looked so amazing and I got to spend the day with some of my favorite women.

My dad, who was so helpful during this whole wedding process, drove us all from Mosaic to the venue. We introduced him to WAP on the way. Not sure he loved that haha.

When we got to the venue I kind of didn’t know what to do with myself so I ran around The Acre looking at things being set up, admiring all of the beautiful flowers from Revel, took a shot of ouzo at the bar with Dea, broke into the kitchen to find water, and eventually went to go hide in the bridal suite so people would stop seeing me.

The ladies all got ready, I put on my dress, took some pics, and then Andy and I had our first look! I thought I was going to cry so much more than I actually did. I was just SO happy.

The rest of the day was really a whirlwind of fun from here.


My dad walked me down the aisle to Led Zeppelin – Thank you

That moment walking with him and having him hand me off to Andy (who was crying more than me, surprisingly!) is something I’ll never forget.

Doug killed it with the ceremony, keeping it short and sweet but heartfelt while we smiled huge smiles the whole time.

With a “Hell Yeah”, an “I Do” and a kiss, we were MARRIED!! With our closest friends and family either sitting in the audience or watching at home.

Hiotis Wedding

Highlights from the rest of the night:

From here we took all of the pictures while dodging the rain. The Kartsie Photography duo can capture a moment no matter what the weather.

Umbrella Wedding Picture

All of our guests were enjoying cocktail hour and hors d’oeuvres while we took all the pictures.

Andy and I escaped for a shoe change and to remove my veil before the wedding party announcements.

Our first dance: I watch other people’s videos of this and the speeches and still cry happy tears every time. We danced to Ray LaMontagne’s You Are The Best Thing.

Speeches were on point! I cried during them all. Brian, Jill, Spiro, and my dad all had a toast. We took Windex shots and had champagne. While we all ate Stephan snuck in a little unplanned toast as well.

We are honored so many people wanted to say nice things about us. The MC (White Rose Entertainment) tried to play bodyguard while we ate, which was awesome. The food from Uncommon Catering was so good! We got so many compliments about it.

Cutting the cake was fun and funny. There was some kind of mix up with the plate we were supposed to use but honestly, we didn’t care. The cake, the cupcakes, and the candy table were all so good! The cake was from La Zucre Cake Boutique, the cupcakes were made by my Aunt Chris, owner of The Boozy Bake Shoppe, and the candy table was put together by Andy’s grandma, his mom, and his aunt.

Parent dances: I definitely cried during my dance with my Dad. He and I have always been close so this was a super special moment. The DJ played the wrong song for this but I decided to enjoy the moment instead of letting it bother me. They apologized for the mistake after. No one knew there was a mistake other than me.

We took some pictures with The Van Cam, danced and some things are a little blurry from the end of the night. I heard some people were twerking, we ran out of alcohol, some people had to get cut off annnddddd I fell down the stairs in my dress. My dress is ripped a little in the back and I had some bruises but it was fine.

Queue the drunk people with sparklers and off we went on the party bus back to the hotel. This was one of our best ideas. A whole bus of drunk people driven by who could have been Joe Dirt’s cousin (there was a mullet) making a pitstop at a ghetto liquor store, but we were safe! This was super fun and kept the party going until we got back to the hotel. So many people came back to our hotel room with us. Pizza got ordered and we kept partying until I think about 3 in the morning. Things are a little hazy for me at this point.


The next day we hung out at the pool, ate leftovers and cake, and eventually went to eat sushi and frozen yogurt later that night. From there we parted from the rest of the people that had stuck around. Andy and I spent one last night in the hotel and made our way back home on Monday morning feeling exhausted but elated and full of love.

For the most part, everything went exactly the way we had hoped it to and we had the BEST TIME. People always say “BEST DAY EVER!”, but it really was for us. Our biggest wish in planning this event was for it to be fun, not just for us but for everyone else that we asked to share our love with. I really feel like we were able to accomplish that, even during a pandemic, 6 months after we originally planned to get married. It felt like nothing else going on in the world mattered.

Now we are happily married, planning our honeymoon and continuing on with our blissful life together.


  1. Angela

    Such a beAutiful and loVe filled wedding! We were thrilled To be there and celebrAte you both!

  2. Lynn

    Such a great day!!!

  3. Nan

    I a beautiful Wedding a specual and life long MEMORIES. Love you Both

  4. Mom

    It was a beautiful day, lots of fun and laughter. Your wedding plans and all the help took all the pressure off you so you could enjoy a stress free day. Love you both.

  5. Andrea H.

    Congratulations to the perfect couple!
    Wishing you a wonderful journey as you build your new life together!
    I’m so happy you have found love in each other. ♥

  6. Jill

    I am so glad you got to have the wedding you deserve aFter all that you put in to it! Love you gal! It was such a beaUtiful day, yOu have great taste!


    Ababsolutely beautiful! I loved reaDing your blog! CONGRATULATIONS to the BEAUTIFUL COUPLE!


    Ababsolutely beautiful! I loved reaDing your blog! CONGRATULATIONS to the BEAUTIFUL COUPLE!


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